Three Monks – Kulturscen Bristol

september, 2019

Det här är ett återkommande evenemang

fre20sep18:0021:00Three MonksChina National Childrens Theatre18:00 - 21:00 Kulturscen Bristol


Evenemangs detaljer

This is a story adapted from Chinese ancient legend.

Deep in the mountain, there was a small temple, lived old monk and three little monks.

One day, the old monk asked his students, whether they still remember why they came here.

So, Why? It reminded them the scene they just came to the mountain…

The first one came to the mountain was a lovely naughty monk.

It is a hard work to fetch water when living in the mountain. The little monk helped his master to fetch water, but fell into the well. Fortunately the master saved him. Since then, they carried water together, chanted Buddhist scripture, learned Buddhism together, and lived a happy life.   

The second one was a fat greedy monk, and good at Chinese Kungfu.

Two monks, who should fetch water? Finally, Then they decided to carry water together, work and drink as much as each other.

The third one came was a thin monk, holding a long scroll of scriptures all day long.

Now three monks, who should carry water? No one do that. No water to drink……

Until the oil lamp in the temple overturned and caused a big fire, the three monks finally united together…


(Fredag) 18:00 - 21:00


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